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You have just logged on to the website of Hungary’s oldest Foundation that since 1990 has dealt with the development, promotion and financing of SMEs.

We are a public benefit organization, an independent body (NGO) that is governed by the board of trustees while day-to-day operations are managed by the Foundation’s staff of labour structure.

As a co-financier we have a history of actively participating in various joint initiatives of the EU and the Hungarian government aiming to promote small and medium size enterprises such as:

  • the so called PHARE programs assisting in the transition of Hungary in her efforts to adapt market economy
  • several programs since the EU accession in 2004 within the EUs multiannual financial framework of 1999-2006, and 2007-2013.

Alongside these programs the Foundation has also initiated its own projects:

  • Netrekész („Netready”) – workshops enhancing IT and internet literacy,
  • Innovation in Practice – courses on innovation management,
  • „Laky Teréz” Research Scholarship – for young researchers studying methods of enterprise promotion,
  • Competition organized between high school students on the know-how of entrepreneurship.

Implementing the PHARE programs we were responsible for  the establishment and financing of Hungary’s first network of enterprise promotion. As  implementig agency we managed the outplacement and allocation of resources and services worth some  85 million   ECU between 1991-2000.
Some of our recent programs of significance include:

  • training (TÁMOP-2.1.4, 2 million EUR)
  • consulting (KMOP-1.5.1, NYDOP-1.2.1, KDOP-1.4.1, DDOP-1.1.2, 8 million EUR)
  • supporting minority groups (TÁMOP-5.1.1, 1 million EUR)
  • fostering youth to become entrepreneurs (TÁMOP-2.3.6, 1 million EUR)

Our Foundation has been running micro loan programs by way of revolving fund structures since 1992. Thanks to this program we have reached some 13 thousand Hungarian small businesses and provided discounted micro loans the sum of which totalling more than 150 million EUR.
We are taking part in the EUs JEREMIE program as well. To that end we have established a structured financial company (MIFIN Zrt.) and we are exceedingly proud of the fact that it was MIFIN Zrt. that first coordinated the outplacement of micro loans from the JEREMIE fund in all of Europe.
Since 1992. our Foundation has been involved with providing guarantee services. In 2006 we established Start Garancia Zrt. The company’s main profile is assisting Hungarian SMEs through its financial products in acquiring equity financing for development purposes and non refundable European Union subsidies.
We hope this brief introduction is satisfactory and provides a convincing outline of our efforts of some 20 years of experience acquired. We possess significant credentials with regards to SME development. We strive for continuous renewal to meet the challenges our ever changing environment poses and we will never stop trying to be better at providing up-to-date and state of the art services to our client SMEs.
Should you be looking for co-operation and/or partnership opportunities in Hungary do please contact us. We are happy to be at your service.

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